Visiblevision is a young video production firm that produces HD-quality videos worldwide for webTV, IPTV channels, and internet portals.
For the production of city portraits in Oslo, we are looking for local freelance camera operators/ videojournalists. You will shoot raw footage of your city according to our detailed instructions and send the tapes (or harddrive) to our office in Germany.

The pay is negotiable; we pay by freelance invoice. For this job, we require you to

– own (or borrow) an HDV-camera 1080/50i with headlight, tripod and clip-on microphone
– have camera experience
– know Oslo well
– have the time and ability to spend seven days in a row

Production dates: 20.7. – 26.7. 2009

If you live in Oslo and have the time and skills for this jobs, please send resume and work samples via email to:

Romy Steyer / Research
VisibleVision GmbH, Pfuelstr. 5, 10997 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 408197-205, Fax +49 30 408197-100

Bildegalleri visiblevision

Contact Information
Berlin, 10997